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2 Ton Rice Mill Plant

This 2 ton complete set Auto Rice Mill Plant systems mill the paddy in stages, and hence are called multi-stage or multi-pass rice mills. The objective of the rice milling is to reduce mechanical stresses and heat buildup in the grain, thereby minimizing grain breakage and producing uniformly polished grain. Compared to village-level systems, the system is a more sophisticated system configured to maximize the process of producing well-milled, whole grains.

Modern Complete Set Rice Milling  System consist of:

  1. Paddy Cleaning Machine: removing all impurities and unfilled grains from the paddy;
  2. Rice Destoning Machine: separating small stones from the paddy;
  3. Rice Hulling Machine: removing the husk from the paddy;
  4. Paddy Separator: separating the unhusked paddy from the brown rice;
  5. Rice Milling Machine:: removing all or part of the bran layer and germ from the brown rice;
  6. Rice Grading Machine: separating small impurities or chips from the milled rice.

Optional items:

  1. Rice Polishing Machine: improving the appearance of milled rice by removing remaining bran particles and by polishing the exterior of the milled kernel;
  2. Rice Length Grader: separating small and large brokens from the head rice;
  3. Rice Color Sorter: remove bad rice, black rice, yellow rice, half-husked rice, etc;
  4. Rice Blending Machine: mix head rice with predetermined amount of brokens, as required by the customer;
  5. Rice Packing Machine: rice weighing and bagging: preparing milled rice for transport to the customer.


  1. This 2 ton complete set rice mill plant apply the latest technology of rice milling, improve the milled rice rate, reduce broken, lower temperature meters, good bran removal effect, stable mechanical performance, convenient operation and maintenance.
  2. Craft work can be designed specially, combined flexibly and processed into different kinds of excellet rice according to different client’s need.
  3. It is environment-friendly inters of adopting high-effective dust collecting unit to get rif of dust.
  4. It covers a small area, can be designed specially according to the client’s requirement.

We offer automatic complete set rice mill plant from 18-500 ton per day, with high rice yield and good white rice quality.

If you want to know this 2 ton rice mill price, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Please tell us your detailed requirements, as capacity, quantity, destionation port, etc, so that we can quote you the best price.