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H256 CCD Rice Color Sorting Machine

Our CCD Rice Color Sorting machine is a professional machine used for separating the different colors impurity from the materials to make high quality and high purity products.


1. Excellent sorting performance
Advanced image acquisition system + intelligent image processing algorithm + high quality ejector system = excellent output and rejection

2. High resolution CCD image acquisition system
Top industrial 2048 pixel CCD high speed linear scan imaging sensor
First-class tailored camera lens for color sortering with a precision identifying tiny defects 0-.04mm2.

3. Super ease of operation system
Simple optical system design and accurate in-time auto calibration system
Simplified GUI design to furtherly reduce the complicacies of machine commissioning and running easy operation and maintenance secured.

4. Heavy flow chute design
Super wide channels to increase the material flow with result of super capacity
Special anodization processing to secure long using life

5. High quality ejector
Self-developed special ejector with independent intellectual property right
Special durable material with no residual magnetism and line air flow to blow precisely defects
5-10 billion ejectors life, low air consumption, low default rate
Adjustable air flow according to the size and weight sorted particles

6.  Reliable lighting configuration
The most unique intelligent LED with cold shadowless light source to make identification easier and more precise
Anti-interference, more reliable and no need to preheat
Super long life span, high lighting efficiency

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