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Rice Grader Function

Rice Grader or Rice Grading Machine is designed for rice classification, which shift milled rice efficiently and accurately into several classes:

(1) Head rice or whole rice;

(2) Large broken rice;

(3) Medium broken rice;

(4) Small broken rice.

according to the sizes.

It helps to greatly improve the quality of the final rice. That is also how modern rice mill plant separating the broken rice from whole rice.

Our Rice Grader is specifically designed and best suited for

Raw rice,

Steam rice,

Par-boiled rice,

Boiled rice

Basmati rice.

Rice Grader Machine HS code: 84371090

How much is the rice grader?

We provide all kinds rice grader machine for sale, inform us your needed capacity, voltage & frequency to get the best rice grader machine price.


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