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5H-10 Mini Rice Dryer

5H-10 Mini Rice Dryer machine is a small scale batch and continuous dryer machine, Using automatic drying control system, low temperature drying technology, it can burn rice husk as fuel to save cost, it's ideal rice dryer machine for mini rice mill.

This rice dryer machine is also can be used for drying paddy, wheat, corn, rapeseed, soybeans, mung beans, crops and so on. With beautiful shape and good tightness, it can withstand any weather.It becomes more and more important to use the grain dryer in the modern rice mill plant,


1. Low noise centrifugal and overload protection fan, slow startup mode, uniform air supply.

2. The shell is easy to remove and install. Stainless steel grid exhaust window is durable and strong, easy to clean.

3. With dust remover, the drying environment and grain are clean.

4. Main electronic components are installed in places where maintenance is convenient.

5. Ladder and terrace can be used for watching, convenient inspection and maintenance.

6. With LCD computer control panel, it can display and control working technical data, burn data, grain drying data and automatic discharging.

Mini Rice Dry Machine Price:
The price of mini rice dryer machine varies from the capacity, chooice of burning furnace, voltage and frequency, please tell us your requirement, to let us send you best prices ASAP.

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Please tell us your detailed requirements, as capacity, quantity, destionation port, etc, so that we can quote you the best price.