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Laboratory Rice Length Grader / Broken Rice Separator

Broken Rice Separator


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SFSP Series water-drop type high efficiency Hammer Mill or Pulverizer machine is the most advanced in china at present mainly used for grinding grainy materials, like rice husk, making it into powder.  It's also suitable for crashing corncob, wheat, herbal medicine, wood etc.

Rice Husk                                       Rice Husker Powder

By using a rice husk grinding machine, it helps to reduce plenty of rice husk storage space, and the rice husk power can be used to making poultry feed, such as cattle feed, chicken feed, etc.

The rice husk power is also can be used to make biomass fuel, which increases the husk burning efficiency.

Working Principle of Rice Grinder Machine

The material to be crushed enters the grinder machine from the top of the hammermill, enters the crushing chamber from the left or right side through the feed guide plate, and under the action of the high-speed rotating hammer and the friction of the sieve plate, the material is gradually crushed, and the centrifugal force and Under the action of the airflow, it is discharged through the mesh hole from the base discharge port.









● It is widely used for crushing paddy husk, corncob, wheat, herbal medicine, wood etc
● The crushing chamber is wider and the sieving area is larger, which makes the output larger and greatly improves the crushing efficiency.
● The linkage door shaft mechanism makes the operation and maintenance more convenient and labor-saving. Save installation space and the appearance is more beautiful.
● The rotor has better stability after dynamic balance effect..


ModelOutput(T/H) Corn/HuskSieve Hole (mm) Corn/HuskPower(KW)Dimension       (L×W×H/MM)
SFSP 56*303.3/0.43.0/0.8221560*740*1070
SFSP 56*364.5/0.523.0/0.8301760*740*1070
SFSP 56*405.5/0.653.0/0.8371891*740*1070
SFSP 60*456.7/0.823.0/0.8451850*1280*1360
SFSP 60*608.2/1.003.0/0.8552180*1280*1360
SFSP 63*7011.2/1.363.0/0.8752380*1320*1400
SFSP 63*8013.4/1.73.0/0.8902550*1350*1460
SFSP 63*9014/1.783.0/0.8902650*1350*1460
SFSP 63*9016.5/2.003.0/0.81102650*1350*1460
SFSP 70*9018/2.303.0/0.81102950*1380*1500
SFSP 70*9020.5/2.803.0/0.81323000*1380*1500



Please tell us your detailed requirements, as capacity, quantity, destionation port, etc, so that we can quote you the best price.