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Mini Rice Mill

Mini Rice Mill, 500kg rice mill, 800kg rice mill, low cost price for sale

Combined with mini Rice Huller, Rice Milling Machine;

TB series mini rice mill has simple structure, easy to use;

Equipped with durable rice rubber roller;

Easy to replace the spare parts;

This Mini Rice Mill can be driven by diesel engine;


Lab Rice Mill, Rice Quality Testing, Rice Quality Analysis - Rice Milling Machine

Lab Rice Mill

Laboratory Rice Length Grader / Broken Rice Separator

Broken Rice Separator


TB Series Mini Rice Mill

TB Series Mini Rice Mill Machine is special designed for small rice processing plant, it's combined with a mini rice huller and milling machine. It's even can be used for family use rice mill.

The machine can continuously complete the processing of cleaning the paddy, hulling, winnowing and whitening. Husk, bran, blighted grains and white rice can be separately discharged out of this mini rice mill.

Mini Rice Mill, 500kg rice mill, 800kg rice mill, low cost price for sale -1

Working Principle of TB Mini Rice Mill

Firstly, paddy goes into machine through vibrating sieve and magnet device for cleaning, and then cleaned paddy passes rubber-roller for bulling, after air blowing and air jetting to the milling room, the paddy finishes the process of busking and milling in succession. at last, husk, chaff, runtish, paddy, and white rice are pushed out of machine respectively.


1. High purity and Less power consumption

2. Compact structure, high production efficiency

3. Easy to operate and convenient maintain

4. Have a special dust control equipment, it is eco-friendly;

5. This mini rice mill canbe driven by diesel engine.


Model  Capacity (kg/h)  Power (kw)Weight (kg)Dimension (L*W*H/mm)
TB-5400-600 5.5kw/8hp 190690*670*1400 mm
TB-10600-900 11kw/15hp285750*740*1700 mm
TB-301100-150015kw/20hp330970*760*1730 mm
TB-501800-230022kw/30hp7801050*970*2200 mm

Mini Rice Mill Price:

We provide different models of mini rice mill for sale, please inform us your needed capacity, voltage and frequency, to get the best mini rice mill price ASAP.

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