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Low-speed Rice Bucket Elevator Machine

Low-speed Rice Bucket Elevator machine is especially good to be applied in rice processing factories and breakable granulated crystal factories to deliver material vertically.

Bucket Elevator Functions:

Rice, Paddy / Grain, beans, sunflower seeds, wheat, etc.


1.With gravity-style unloading, it has low linear speed.
2. No returning flow of materials, no broken rice increased.
3. Belt automatic-tensioning function.
4. Good tightness and no noise operation.
5. The bottom seat of the machine can be removed easily and residues can be clean quickly.
6. Simple operation with safety and reliability.

Technical datas of Rice Bucket Elevator:

Rice Bucket Elevator Price:

Price is different from capacity, voltage and frequency, please tell us your requirement, to let us send you best prices ASAP.

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