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HDJY Rice Length Grader Machine

HDJY50x2 series rice length grader is small type rice grading machine used for separating broken or shorter grains from the whole grain by length, it's the best choise for mini rice mill plant.

Rice length grader is indispensable grading machine for producing high quality products both in rice milling and seed cleaning plants.

When the cylinder rotates, the shorter grains get lifted until a point where the grain is dislodged by gravity in a collection and discharged through screw conveyor.Full grain remains at the bottom of the cylinder and goes to a separate discharge outlet.

Features of rice length grader:

1.Length grader is performed on indented cylinders with a high degree of precision.

2. They are available in multiple cylinder units.

3. The cylinder can be used in parallel and in series according to your requirements.

4. The broken rice content in the whole rice can be controlled optionally.

5. The smooth surface of the rice can not be damaged easily.

Parameter of rice length grader:

Output1.2 T/H2.0 T/H1.5-2.0 T/H2.5-3.0 T/H3.0-3.5 T/H4.5-5.5 T/H
Power0.75×2 kw0.75×3 kw0.75×2 kw0.75×3 kw1.1×2 kw1.5×3 kw

Rice Length Grader Machine Price:

We provide varies of rice length grader machine for sale, please inform us your needed capacity, voltage and frequency to get the best rice length grader machine price ASAP.

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