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Rice Vacuum Packing Machine

This Vacuum Packaging Machine is widely used in modern rice mill for rice vacuum packing, it can vacuum shaping after rationed packing.


1.High precision, stable performance and easy operation;

2.The adaption software, having the function of automatic control parameters setting, automatic drop revising, over-weight warning and auto diagnosis. Electromechanical integrated design, auto weighing, filling, vacuum shaping, sealing and conveying can be completed.

3. Vacuum shaping after rationed packing, saving operation time to increases effect;

4. Good vacuum shaping and heat sealing, high rate of success.

Rice Vacuum Packing Machine Parameter:

Packing Range1-5 KG
Packing Speed≥200 (bag/h)
Power Supply2.5 KW
Air Supply0.4-0.6Mpa, 1m³/h
Dimension 1140x730x2245mm

Rice Vacuum Packing Machine Price

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