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DCS25 Rice Packing Machine

DCS25 Rice Packaing machine has a packing range from 2.5kg to 50Kg.

This rice packing machine has the function of automatic filling, weighing, sealling. It's equipped with a conveyor and bag stitching (sewing) machine, a heat sealer also can be added, with high packing precision and speed, it’s widely used in modern rice mill plant.

Bag materies: woven bag, cloth bag, platic bag, paper bag, etc.

Packing materies range: all granular objects, such as RicePaddy, Seeds, Wheat, Sugar, Coffee Beans, Peanurs, Sunflower Seeds. Fertilizer, Chemical materials, etc.

Features of DCS25 Rice Packing Machine:

1. This rice packing machine adopts international advanced components, has high packing precision. The packing speed is 300-420bags/h.

2. DCS25 Rice packing machine has the advantange of high calculating precision, stable functioning, digital demonstration and easy operation.

3. The auto-adapted software has the function of controlling the parameter sctup, the sclfcorrecting of the fall height, deviation alarm and fault self-diagnostics etc.

4. Wide quantitative extent, high precision and a platform that can be raised and lowered makes it have more functions and efficiency higher.

5. Adopt the imported sensor and pneumaticimple mentation mechanism which makes the work reliable, the maintenance easy and no pollution.

Parameters of DCS Rice Packing Machine:

ModelWeighing Extent(KG)Packaging Error(F. S)Packaging Speed(Bags/h)    Dimension(mm)

25kg Rice Packing Machine Price

The Price of DCS25 Rice Packing Machine varies from the packing range and speed, psl contact us for detailed price.

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