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Bag Stitching Machine / Bag Sewing Machine

This Bag Stitching Machine is equipped with a conveyor, which can quickly close open mouth bags continuously, with automatic thread cutter function, it's suitable for sewing woven bags, paper bags, jute bags, etc.

This bag sewing system has automatical control system, which can starts and stops the sewer, as bags enter and exit the system down the conveyor belt.


1. Digital variable conveying speeds with automatic start and stop;

2. High quality sewing performance, mechanical properties;

3. Ddjustable height and speed;

4. No compressed air required;

5. Less space required.


Max Sewing Speed: 1900 rpm
Working Speed:≤ 1700 rpm
Sewing Bag Hight:Adjustable
Power: 950 w
Weight: 280 Kg
Length:3 m
Width:0.5 m

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