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Emery roller (Sand Roller) is a porous mixture sintered by abrasive (main component is black sic) and resin-bonded (mainly phenolic resin or epoxy resin) in high temperature of 180°C.  Because of its low sintering temperature, loose organization structure, grits fall easily,  good self sharpness. It can continuously produce more angular grits, strengthen rice grinding function.


1. low broken rice rate;

2.high white rice yield;

3. high efficiency and low power consumption;

4.especially suitable for processing the poor quality of grain and flour.


 How to select the right size of emery roller for rice whitener?

  1. When the multi-light-milling is operated, select the big emery size (24#, 30#, 36#) for the 1st process, the middle size (36#, 46#) for the 2nd process, the small emery size ( 46#, 60#) for the 3rd process;
  2. When the higher accuracy of rice milling is required, select narrower or shallower spiral groove or straight groove roller;
  3. When the higher output of rice milling is required, select the thread, deeper and wider groove roller;
  4. When process high moisture material, select the deeper and wider groove roller.

How to install , replace and maintain the emery roller of rice whitener?

  1. Knock the roller with a wooden hammer to check before your installation, if any clatter or hoarse is heard, the roller is forbidden to use;
  2. Running 5 minutes without material for testing before feeding;
  3. The maximum line speed is 20m/s;
  4. Install the roller according to the serial number especially one group in different carton boxes;
  5. When the capacity is decreasing, we can polish the grove deeper with angle grinder tool machine;

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