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Rice Rubber Roller / Rice Mill Rubber Roller

This kind of rice mill rubber roller is the ideal choice for paddy husker (rice huller), with excellent mechanical intensity and abrasion resistance, making a high shelling rate up to 95% and reduce the breakage of milled kernels.

We can also supply aluminum drums rice rubber roller and polyurethane rice rubber roller for paddy husker (rice huller).

1.Reduced breakage of milled kernels
2.Strong bonding between rubber roll and drum
3.Ensure high degree of heat resistance and durability
4.High peeling efficience at minimum broken rice to be attained by its well balance of elasticity, hardness and abrassion resistance.

1.Handle carefully during the transportation.
2.Store in dry place, away from Acid, Alkali, Salt, oil, and dirty, forbidden to put under sun for long time.
3.Take sands away from the paddy; keep paddy dry and cleaning when using the rollers.
4.Two rollers should be at the same lever, the space must be equal.
5.The paddy inputting should be keeping the balance.
6.Keep the rate of the re-hulling under the limited
7.Change the fast and slow roller at a certain time.

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