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How to use a rice packing machine?

DCS Series Rice Packing Machine is easy to use for 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg rice packaging, with high precision and packing speed. Following is the way to use the rice packing machine:

1. Preparation works:

Power on and the air supply, air filter (F.R.L) please stay at 4.5-5.0 Mpa.

2. Set the packing weight:

Press once “ SET ” button, input the packing weight.

For example: packing 25kg, input 025.00, which means 25kg per bag.

3. Start packing:

(1).Clamp the bag, and touch Limit switch for one time to hold the bag;
(2).Press “ Pause ” button on the panel for one time to start filling;
(3).After filling,the bag will be discharged automaticly;
(4).The conveyer transport the bag to the sewing machine for sealing.

Done, a 25kg bag of rice finished packing in seconds.

Attention: This rice packing machine is also suitable for packing other grains, such as Paddy, Coffee Beans, Peanurs, Wheat, Sunflower Seeds, Sugar, etc.

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