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KXFL Rice Bran Separator

Rice Bran Separator is used to separate the broken rice paddy and the broken brown rice from bran and advance benefit of the economy.

The KXFL series rice barn separator uses the wind power of clearing chaff wind net in rice plant, adopt the multi-stage air separation. Rice bran came out from the rice machine mixed with broken rice and rice bran, sometimes mixed with whole grain due to broken rice sieve or improper assembly, if do not collate, not only affect the rice bran oil, also can cause waste, milled rice rate. The equipment is mainly used for the finishing of rice bran and broken rice.

The equipment use air as the medium, separating according to the difference suspension speed between rice bran and broken rice. The equipment has the characteristics of no power, no pollution, easy installation and easy operation. The equipment has obvious economic effects, excellent performance and reliable performance, which makes a wind more versatile and is the ideal equipment for separating chaff.

KXFL Rice Bran Separator Parameter:


Output(t/h)Separator EffciencyDimension(mm)Air Volume(m3/h)

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