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MGCZ  Paddy Separator / Paddy Separator Machine

MGCZ series gravity paddy separator machine is designed to separate brown rice from paddy, according to the difference in gravity and surface friction.

Our paddy separator machine is suitable to sort all varieties of rice, such as long grain, medium grain and short grain, easily and accurately.

The paddy separator machine is the key to produce pure brown rice, and helps to increase the output greatly but also increase economic benefit in the modern complete set rice milling process.


Paddy Separator Working Principle:

The paddy and the brown rice have a different bulk densities, with the reciprocating movement of sieves, they are separated. This series of gravity paddy separator can improve the whole rice output rate greatly in the full line of rice processing line.

The paddy separator machine can separate into three distinct classes:
1.  Brown rice: to the rice whitener machine for next process;
2.  Paddy: to the rice huller machine for hulling again;
3.  Brown rice and paddy mixture: back to the paddy separator machine for separating again.

So it can improve the economic benefit enormously.

Features of MGCZ Paddy Separator:

1.Compact structure, easy to be operated;

2.Good applicability for both long shape grain rice and round shape grain rice;

3.Low mechanical barycenter, good balance, reasonable rotation speed, stable processing property.

Parameters of MGCZ Paddy Separator:

Paddy separator price

We proide different models of paddy separator machine for sale, please inform us your capacity, voltage and frequency, to get the best paddy separator price ASAP.

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