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HSCY Drum Sieve Paddy Cleaner / Paddy Pre Cleaner Machine

This series of paddy cleaning machine is suitable for the preliminary cleaning of raw materials in the silos. rice mill. flour mill and malt plant to separating large impurities from raw materials and has high efficiency in pre-cleaning or cleaning paddy, core, soybean, wheat. sorghum and other types of grains.


1.Remove big impurities from grains;
2.Effectively avoid the damages upon machines in the processing from big impurities;
3.Low energy consumption, low noise, and reliable;
4. Simple installation, maintenance and operation;
5.Suitable for many grains such as rice, wheat, bean and maize etc


ModelCapacity (T/H)Motor Power(KW)Dimension (LxWxH)Weight(KG)
HSCY 8010-151.11500x1000x1750460

Paddy Cleaner Machine Price

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