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TQLZ Rice Cleaning Machine / Vibratory Sieve Rice Cleaner

This paddy rice cleaner is used for cleaning impurities from raw materials and widely used in the rice mill factory , flour mill factory & grain warehouses .

It is designed with double-decked sieves, with different specifications, which can separate large, medium and small impurities from wheat, paddy, corn and other grains. It is equipped with two layers of screen which makes better cleaning efficiency.

Features of Rice Cleaning Machine:

Simple structure, steady function, cheaper price and long-life using.

  1. Compact size, well sealed, less dust leakage.
  2. Optional vertical aspirator has high efficiency of removing light impurities and dust.
  3. High capacity, low noise and low power consumption.
  4. Driven by a pair of vibrating motors, the vibrating force, vibrating direction and inclination of sieve cover are adjustable.
  5. Dependable quality, good appearance, convenient installation and operation.
  6. Sieve pores are difficult to be blocked thanks to automatic cleaning device.

Parameters of Rice Cleaning Machine:

ModelTQLZ 100TQLZ 125TQLZ150TQLZ180
Air Volume(M³/H)4000500060006000-8000
Net Weight(KG)70080010001200

Rice Cleaning Machine Price

The price is different from capacity, voltage and frequency, please tell us your requirement, to let us send you best prices ASAP.

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