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Rice Grading Machine

MJP Rice Grading Machine

MJP Series Rice Grading machine is ideal rice soting machine, designed for milled rice classification, which can classify rice into several levels: (1). Head rice (2).Large broken rice (3). Medium broken rice (4). small broken rice.

MJP1037 Rice Grading Machine

MJP1037 Rice Grading Machine or rice sifter is special designed for white rice grading system in the large rice mill plant, it has excellect function for seprating broken rice from whole rice.

Rice Thickness Grading machine

Rice thickness grading machine or width grader is a rice grading machine, which is designed to  remove  immature  kernels  from  brown  rice before whitening in the rice processing, according to the thickness difference.

MJP90x7 Rice Grading Machine

MJP90x7 Rice Grading Machine is mainly used in modern rice milling plant for rice sorting, by several sorting sieves,  rice can be sift into different sizes, with a large capacity, it's quite suitable for big rice mill grading system.

HDJY Rice Length Grading Machine

HDJY*3 Rice length grading machine is a rice length refined selecting machine, which uses rotating indented cylinder to separate broken or shorter grains from the whole grain by length.

HDJYx2 Rice Length Grader

Rice length grader is indispensable grading machine for producing high quality products both in rice milling and seed cleaning plants. This Rice Length Grading Machine is a small scale grading machine.