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MLTG(B)  Rice Huller / Rice Husker / Rice Hulling Machine

This series of Rice Huller Machine is mainly used for rice hulling, removing the rice hulls and separating the rice hull from brown rice and paddy mixture by sunction blower fan.

This MLTG(B) type rice huller can shift by gearbox, and no need to replace the rubber roller before using up. It's ideal rice huller machine for modern rice mill, with higher hulling rice rate and less broken rice.

How does a rice huller work?

Rice huller uses two pieces of rice rubber rolls as a means of breaking the un-hulled rice. Both rubber rollers are mounted adjacent (parallel) with a certain distance and rotated at different speeds in opposite directions.When un-husking rice through the gap between the rubber roller, on the one hand will be restrained due to friction with the auxiliary roll and on the other hand will be pushed due to friction with the main roll. The condition causes the rice husk to be separated from brown rice.

Rice Hulling Process

MLTG(B) Rice Huller Features:

1.Rigorous structure,

2.No leaking of rice & paddy,

3.Good separation performance

4. Easy to change the rubber roller.

MLTG(B) Rice Huller Parameters:

Rice Huller Machine Price

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