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MLGT(P) Pneumatic Rice Husker

Rice Husker




With vibrating feeder

Automatic control:

1.Feed-in door open automatically

2.Rubber rollers close or apart automatically

Easy to operate



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MLGT(P) Pneumatic Rice Husker / Rice Huller Machine / Rice Hulling Machine

This series of Pneumatic Rice Husker is one of the advanced machines for hulling rice, or to remove the rice husk of the paddy, to meet the automatic requirement, with the digital technology, MLGT(P) rice husker has higher degree of automation, lower broken rate, higher rice husking rate, more reliable running. It's ideal rice hulling machinre for modern large-scale rice milling enterprises.

Features of MLGT(P) Pneumatic Rice Husker:

1.Variable frequency vibrating feeding, uniform feed-in, high volume: adopt new-type vibrating feeder with variable frequency function, the feeding flow can be adjusted as per the actual situation, continuously exuviating with higher hulling ration and bigger volume.

2. Automatic control, easy operation: high degree of automation, easy operation, and the feed-in door will open automatically, while the rice rubber roller fold automatically when there is material fed, otherwise, the feed-in door will close, and rubber roll will be apart from each other automatically.

3. The rice rubber rollers are entirely installed, without irregular products, and improve the rubber consumption rate: Adopt entirely parallel motion board to install the rollers,which ensures that the pressure to the rollers are even to improve the usage.

Parameters MLGT(P) Pneumatic Rice Husker:

Rice Husker Price

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