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Digital Grain Moisture Tester

Digital Grain Moisture Tester



Moisture Digital Display

Percentage of water measured in seconds

Measuring object: paddy, corn, wheat, rice, beans, peanut, sesame,etc.



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Grain Digital Moisture Tester(meter)

This grain digital moisture tester also called moisture meter, is used to quickly measure the percentage of water in grains, corn, barley, wheat, rice, soybean, peanut, rapeseed, sorghum, sesame, seeds ect. It’s quite portable and make it easy to use in any occasion.

Percentage of water will be showed on the digital display just in seconds.


1. Quick, accurate, convenient;

2. AC/DC power supply compatible;

3. High-brightness backlight LCD, clear and energy-saving;

4. Multipoint calibration, eoor correction;

5. Low power consumption, automatic shutdown;

6. Automatic weight and temperature compensation;

7. Volume-weight conversion display.

Technical data:

Measuring error
≤ 0.5%
Repeatability error
Measuring range
Sampling mode
basis weight 150g (except special samples)
Display mode
high-brightness backlight LCD
Working environment
Net weight
910 g
Powerfour AA alkaline batteries or external 9VD stablized power source


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