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Lab Rice Mill

Laboratory Rice Length Grader / Broken Rice Separator

Broken Rice Separator


JM Rice Mill / RiceTesting Lab / Grain Analytical 

This Mini JM Rice Mill is a laboratory equipment for rice quality testing, which is combined rice milling and polishing machine. It adopts completely new technology and new material, with smart structure, beautiful apperance, its weight is just 1/3 less than the original one.


Higher husk and white rate,

Large sampling quantity,

Fewer broken rice,

Represented practical mill effect,

Easy to use,

Fewer ash.

It’s an ideal instrument for rice purchase and processing departments to judge the quality of grain.


Sampling quantity:          180g (280ml)

Broken rate:            round shaped paddy≤10%
.                                  long shaped paddy≤20%

Power:                                500W

Husk rate:                             ≥99%

Net weight:                            13Kg


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