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ZCT1000D Mini Rice Mill

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ZCT1000D Mini Rice Mill

ZCT1000D Mini Rice Mill is small complete set of rice milling machine, it's combined with a rice cleaner and destoner machine, rice huller, paddy separator, rice milling machine, and a mini rice grader.

This mini rice mill is new designed small rice milling plant with a capacity of 1 ton per hour. uses the modern rice milling technology, with little power to produce high quality, clean and bright commercial rice. It is the best choice for new rice millers.

Optional machines can be added, such as mini rice polisherrice packing machine or mini rice color sorter.


1.Separated rice cleaner and destoner can meets more functions;

2.Automatic operation from the paddy loading to finished white rice;

3.Compact structure, easy operation, convenient Maintenance, large production, high rice yield;

4.Processing rice in farmlands,towns,grain shop and specialized households;

5.Easy installation for beginner,  no need of skilled engineer;

6.Just need one worker to operate this mini rice mill.

ZCT1000D Rice Mill - Machine ListPower(Kw)Output(T/H)
Rice Cleaner & Destoner3.71.2~1.5
Single Elevator1~1.5
Rubber Roller Huller4.751~1.2
Double Elevator1~1.5
Paddy Separator0.751~1.2
Emery Rice Milling Machine150.8~1
Rice grade0.370.8~1

ZCT1000D Mini Rice Mill Parameters:



Support power


Ratio of winnowed rice


Speed of main spindle




External dimension









ZCT1000D Mini Rice Mill Price:

Please inform us your voltage & frequency, sea port to get the latest Price.

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