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Mini Rice Polisher Machine / Mini Silky Rice Polisher

This Mini Rice polisher machine has a small capacity around 0.6 to 1 ton per hour, it helps shining the rice surface and add the commerical value of rice.

Special designed and excellect polishing performance making it to be the best mini rice mill polisher for mini rice mill plant.

Mini Rice Polisher Function:

It works under the action of high pressure water mist into the polishing chamber to brush off the remaining bran dust, making the rice’s surfaces smooth, clean and shining.


1. High pressure air spray of water can improve and resolve damages and uneven of the rice, can be sure to produce the rice with a shiny, smooth and dust-free finish;

2. Equipped with automatic water controlling device, non-feedings or too much feeding, the pump will shut down automatically;

3. With current and negative pressure display, easy to operate.


Model MPG10
Capacity(kg/h) 600-1000
Power(kw) 11-15
Weight (kg) 300
Size(L*W*H) 1200×1200×2400

Mini Rice Polisher Price

Please inform us your needed quantity, voltage and frequency, so we can give you the best mini rice polisher price ASAP.


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