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Double Roller Rice Polishing Machine

Rice polishing machine or rice polisher best price for sale




Rice Water Polishing

Double Roller, Double capacity

Making rice smooth, clean & shining

With automatic water controlling device




Laboratory Rice Length Grader / Broken Rice Separator

Broken Rice Separator

Lab Rice Mill, Rice Quality Testing, Rice Quality Analysis - Rice Milling Machine

Lab Rice Mill


Rice Polishing Machine / Silky Rice Polisher

This Series Doube Roller Rice Polishing Machine is used to clean the surface of rice, making the rice surfaces smooth, clean and shining, which helps to get excellect polishing rice, also highly improved the rice commercial value and lifetime.

MPG100/130x2 Rice Polishing Machine has the layout of parallel double cylinders,  which makes the capacity double and creat less broken rice in the rice polishing process. It's ideal rice polishing machine for modern big rice milling plant.


1. Large capacity;

2. High polishing degree and few broken rice;

3. Flexible to adjust the process in accordance with the actual needs of production.

Owing to high cost-effective the machine meets the requirements of various type of rice milling plant.


1. Comprehensive feature;

2. High pressure air spray of water;

3. Water automatic controlling device;

4. Reasonable suction system;


Air Volume(M³/H)4500-55005000-6000
Weight (kg)13001400

Rice Polishing Machine Price

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