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MPGx2 Vertical Rice Polisher / Silky Rice Polisher / Rice Polishing Machine 

This MPGx2 Series Vertical Rice Polisher is new designed high yield rice polishing machine. With double rolls of up and down structure, this vertical rice polisher has double capacity, but covering less required area, compact structure and easy to operate, which helps to produce much clean and smooth high quality silky polished rice, with less broken rice and rice bran.

It is deal rice polishing machine for modern large-scale rice mill plant.


1. Two polishing types: series connection and parallel connection (double capacity);

2. Suitable for long-grain rice and short-grain rice polishing;

3. It can maintain long-term stable production and reduce the rice bran;

4. Compact structure and covering small required area;

5. The application of air gate adjustment device, negative pressure meter and mutilposition spray device make polishing effect optimal;

6. The parts for double cylinders can be exchanged, easy to maintain


Air Volume(M³/H)4500-55005000-6000
Weight (kg)13001400

Vertical Rice Polisher Price

We provide types of vertical rice polisher for sale, please inform us your needed capacity, voltage & frequency to get the latest vertical rice polishing machine price.


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