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Causes of rice breakages during milling

In the modern rice milling process, there’re several reasons that may cause rice breakages during milling.


1.The quality of the raw rice

1.1 Type or rice: Long rice, shor rice;

1.2 Fissure ratio; check the rice quality by the rice quality tester.

1.3 Mature ratio of rice; check the rice quality by the rice quality tester.

1.4 Moisture: The suitable moisture for rice milling is aournd 14%, dry the paddy rice before milling.

2. Rice Processing Technology

It proofs that rice brakages during milling is mainly comes from the following machines:

Paddy Husker: Paddy husker is one of the main machine which cause rice breakages, when chose a paddy husker,it’s advised to chooese a machine with shorter rice rubber roller.

Paddy Separator: The performance of the paddy separator decides how much brown rice goes back to paddy husker, the less broken rice goes back to paddy husker, we’ll have less rice breakages. The percentage of brown rice that goes back to paddy husker is better be controlled with 10%, and the paddy contains in the pure brown rice should be controlled with in 40 pieces in every 1 kg.

Rice Whitener: In modern rice milling technology, it’s widely used to use two, three, or even more rice whiteners for the rice milling. equipped with abrasive rice whitener and iron rice whitener. The advantages of using multistage rice whitening machines is to reduce the whitening pressure, so to reduce the rice breakages.

Rice PolisherControl the water mist yield, air pressure, electric current. Always check the mist injector to ensure the atomizing performance and clean the bran remain inside the machine.

Rice Elevator: The speed of elevator for brown rice, white rice should be slow, so try to use low-speed elevator and not make the elevator too high.

So, it’s quite nessary to chose the most suitable rice processing technology.

3. Skilled Operator

4. How to remove the broken rice?

Use a rice grader machine, which is mainly used to seprate out broken rices.


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