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Lab Rice Mill

Laboratory Rice Length Grader / Broken Rice Separator

Broken Rice Separator


Lab Rice Hulling (Shelling) Machine / Mini Paddy Husker / Rice Quality Testing Machine

This laboratory paddy rice hulling / husking machine is equipped  with rubber roller, which is mainly used for testing the hulling rate of the paddy, it’s widely used in Lab, rice mill for grain purchasing, storing, scientific research, supervision inspection departments.

It is an ideal equipment for purchase and processing institution to quickly judge the quality of paddy rice.

The whole body is nearly transparent outward appearance, operatability is strong under the entire course of work. Operation is convenient, and low broken rice rate.




Best sample Capacity(g)

16 g

Adjustable spacing of rubber rollers

0-3 mm

Rotating Speed(RPM)


Power (W)

120 (220V)

Net Weight(kg)

3.5 kg

Dimension L*W*H/mm)


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