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Rice Husker

MLGT(P) Pneumatic Rice Husker

MLGT(P) Pneumatic Rice Husker is one of the advanced husking machines for hulling rice, or to remove the rice husk of the paddy. With the digital technology, it has lower broken rate, higher rice husking rate.

MLGT25E Rice Hulling Machine

MLGT25E Pneumatic Rice Hulling Machine is new designed automatic rice huller, without gear box, which makes to get more compact structure, and stable performance to removing the rice husk from paddy.

MLGT(B) Rice Huller

MLTG(B) Rice Huller is gearbox type rice hulling machine, with simple sturecture, it has great husking performance, removing the rice hulls and no need to replace the rubber roller before using up.

HU10C  Pmeumatic Paddy Husker

This Pmeumatic Paddy Husker is mainly used for rice dehusking and separating the hull or rice paddy. It adopt two relation rotation different speed rubber roller. Has features of high husking rate and stable performance.


Please tell us your detailed requirements, as capacity, quantity, destionation port, etc, so that we can quote you the best price.