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Rice Milling Machine For Sale

Modern rice milling system undergoes a number of different processing steps to produce higher quality and yields of commercial white rice from paddy or rough rice, from rice cleaning to the final rice packing.

What kind rice milling machine we provide?

We're China leading rice milling machine manufacturer, provide all needed machines for rice processing, including Grain Dryer, Rice Cleaner, Rice Destoner Machine, Rice Huller, Paddy Separator, Rice Whitener, Rice Grader, Rice Polisher, Rice Packaging Machine, Rice Color Sortor, Rice Elevator Machine, etc.

Rice Milling Progress

 Functions of each rice milling machine:

  1. Paddy Cleaner: to remove all impurities and unfilled grains from the paddy;
  2. Rice Destoner Machine: to to remove stones from the paddy;
  3. Rice Huller Machine: to remove the husk from the paddy;
  4. Paddy Separator: to separate the unhusked paddy from the brown rice;
  5. Rice Whitener Machine: to remove all or part of the bran layer and germ from the brown rice;
  6. Rice Grader Machine: to separate broken rice from while rice.

This's the basic rice milling machines that needed to process white rice. To produce higher quality rice, following options are needed.

Optional items:

  1. Rice Polisher Machine: to improve the appearance of milled rice by removing remaining bran particles and by polishing the exterior of the milled kernel;
  2. Rice Length Grader: to separate small and large brokens rice from the head rice;
  3. Rice Blending Machine: mix head rice with predetermined amount of brokens, as required by the customer;
  4. Rice Packing Machine: rice weighing and bagging, preparing milled rice for transport to the customer.

What's the price of rice milling machine?

Cost of  rice milling machine is different from your options, mainly depends on the capacity. For some new small rice millers, sinple rice milling processing line may that be not equipped with Water Rice Polisher, Rice Color Sorter, or Rice Packing Machine will meet their investment budget, and the cost of this kind rice mill will be more affordable.

1 ton Rice Mill Price     2 ton Rice Mill Price     3 ton Rice Mill Price     4 ton Rice Mill Price

5 ton Rice Mill Price     100 Ton Rice Mill

It you want to set up a new rice mill, just inform us your needed capacity, voltage & frequency to get the latest price.


Please tell us your detailed requirements, as capacity, quantity, destionation port, etc, so that we can quote you the best price.