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MNMF18 Emery(Abrasive) Rice Whitener

This series of Rice whitener is a kind of abrasive type rice milling machine with Emery Roller (Sand Roller), used for milling the brown rice into white rice by removing the bran layer and the germ.

It represents the best results as far as efficiency is concerned and the lowest index of rice breakage during rice whitening process.

Product Features:

1. Shelling brown rice to the embryo rice and bran;

2. Nano Far Infrared Materials, can prevent bacteriostatic, mildew;

3. Count by numerical control, easy operate, enjoy by yourself;

4.It is grinding and it is doing. Fresh and nutritional,and fully activate the antioxidant;

5.Resolve the problem that brown rice is nutritional but it is not very common.


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