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Vertical Rice Whitener

Vertical Rice Whitener | Emery Roller - Rice Milling Machine



Vertical Rice Whitener with Emery Roller

Shelling brown rice to the embryo rice and bran

High output, easy bran discharge

Less broken rice




Lab Rice Mill, Rice Quality Testing, Rice Quality Analysis - Rice Milling Machine

Lab Rice Mill

Laboratory Rice Length Grader / Broken Rice Separator

Broken Rice Separator


Vertical Rice Whitener / Emery Roller Rice Whitening Machine

This series of Rice Whitening machine is mainly used for milling the brown rice into white rice with vertical structure, it is new generation product with elaborating, which has the most advanced equipment for large scale rice milling plant and proved to be perfect rice processing equipment for rice milling plant.


1. Using abrasive rollers / sand roller / emery roller,

2.Good appearance and durable,

3.With adopting international standard,

4.Advanced manufacturing technology wear parts have met international standards, durable and less maintain.

5.Equipped with current and negative pressure indicator and multi-position air gate adjustment as well, convenient to use and reliable.


Vertical Rice Whitener Price

The price is different from capacity, voltage and frequency, please tell us your requirement, to let us send you best prices ASAP.

Rice Whitener Stone 

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Please tell us your detailed requirements, as capacity, quantity, destionation port, etc, so that we can quote you the best price.