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Vertical Rice Whitener / Iron Roller Rice Whitening Machine

This series of Rice Whitening machine is equipped with iron roller, always installed after the Abrasive Roller Rice Whitener,it is new generation product with elaborating, which has the most advanced equipment for large scale rice milling plant and proved to be perfect rice processing equipment for rice milling plant.


1.The combined whiteners can reduce elevators for the structure of the downward entering and upward existing. Screw can ensure the truster to largely promote the output.

2.Spraying and suction combining is efficient to prevent the bran chaff.
High output, less broken; Fine milling process with water device have polishing efficiency.

3.Brand-name components configuration, durability, safety and reliability.

4.Configuration of beside machine switch, Intelligent adjust indicator and depression meter indicator. According to the predetermined limit on the main motor, electrically control the entering screw is on or off, avoid the milling machine room jam to protect the main motor.


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