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Rice Polishing Machine Price

What is a Rice Polishing Machine?

Rice Polishing Machine or rice polisher is widely used in modern rice mill for rice polishing process, which cleans the surface of rice, significantly enhancing the quality of finished rice products, enhanced the rice commercial value.

The Rice Polisher Machine works under the action of high pressure water mist into the polishing chamber to brush off the remaining bran dust, making the rice’s surfaces silky, smooth, clean and shining.

Types of Rice Polishing Machine:

1. Vertical Rice Polisher,

2, Horizontal Rice Polisher;

3. Single Roller Rice Polisher;

4. Double Roller Rice Polisher;

5. Mini Rice Polisher.

Capacity of Rice Polisher:

Mini Rice Polisher: 600 - 1000 kg/h

Double Roller Rice Polisher: 5000 - 7000 kg/h

Rice Polishing Machine Price

Rice Polishing Machine price varies from thouseds of dollars, please inform us your needed capacity, voltage and frequency to get the latested price.

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Please tell us your detailed requirements, as capacity, quantity, destionation port, etc, so that we can quote you the best price.